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if you are not satisfied with your appraisal review board (arb) decision, there is still another appeal step available to you. even if you already completed a formal hearing with the arb and achieved a value reduction, you have the right, within 45 days, to file a judicial appeal.

to make sure property owners are taxed on the most fair and accurate value for their property texas law makes available this final protest step of filing a lawsuit against the county appraisal district. and this step can be much easier and less costly than most owners realize!

upon mutual agreement, we will engage outside council to file the lawsuit on your behalf, engage expert witness services for research and analysis; then we’ll coordinate and facilitate the entire litigation process for you. there are no upfront costs! you pay only a percentage of savings as defined in our agreement.

we are the only property tax consulting firm in texas with sufficient technical support and skilled personnel to effectively tackle and win a substantial number of judicial appeals. property owners choose o’connor more than any other consultant when an appeal beyond arb is indicated. we are currently coordinating more than 3,200 cases statewide. and, we’re successful 80-90% of the time.

o’connor coordinates the entire litigation process

  • analyzing and comparing existing assessments.
  • engaging specialized legal council.
  • providing expert witness testimony at mediation or trial as needed.
  • assisting you with schedules and all legal paperwork.
a frequent and effective approach is an appeal based on your property’s value being uniform and equal when compared to similar properties. our firm developed proprietary software to locate and analyze the values of comparable properties and we’ve been repeatedly successful using this information in informal, formal and judicial protests. in fact, o’connor is the statewide leader in uniform and equal appeals.

“uniform and equal” appeals are effective -- even when property values are below market!

frequently asked questions about tax protest lawsuits

how can o’connor guarantee i won’t owe anything unless i save tax dollars?
we engage outside council and expert witnesses who have been negotiating property tax cases for years and are familiar with typical county appraisal district methodologies and defenses. in addition, our resources for research and analysis are unsurpassed. these reasons have contributed to our 80-90% success rate. you risk nothing because you don’t pay anything until or unless you receive further value reduction.

how much will it cost me if o’connor saves me taxes through a judicial appeal?
our fee is 50% of the potential property taxes saved as a result of litigation. for calculation of the litigation fee, the initial assessed value for each year is the assessed value set by the appraisal review board. o'connor & associates will be responsible for all expenses, including court costs, appraisal, engineering reports, expert witness fees and legal fees associated with litigation and for handling all correspondence with the county appraisal district. if the result does not represent tax savings to you, you won’t receive an invoice!

do i need to pay my tax bill on the higher value?
yes. until your value is officially lowered on the county records, all taxes must be paid timely.

what if i miss the 45-day deadline to appeal my arb value?
contact o’connor immediately to determine actual time requirements for your account. if it is in fact too late, sign up for us to present a thorough, well-documented protest next year.

what are o’connor’s credentials to help me with a judicial appeal?
we coordinate more judicial appeals than any other texas firm. we’re the largest property tax consulting firm in the state. our staff of over 125 employees utilizes full time state-licensed property tax consultants and appraisers and supplements with additional licensed staff on a seasonal basis. o’connor & associates is a nationally recognized and highly regarded source of commercial real estate market trends and publications. patrick o’connor, president, is a designated member of the appraisal institute and authored cut your texas property taxes.

how much of my time will it take?
our goal is to simplify the process for you while achieving positive results. our staff will keep track of all court and filing dates for you, and prepare necessary documents for submission. if it becomes necessary for you to appear at a mediation or court deposition appointment, we’ll assist you to prepare for that meeting.



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