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texas' largest property tax consultant
our staff achieves better results than is typical for most firms. we attempt to reduce your property taxes for each property every year, even if the value did not change!

o'connor is the largest property tax consulting firm in texas (based on the annual number of appeals), saving our clients millions of dollars every year in property taxes. our licensed tax agents and administrative support team help commercial property owners by filing personal property renditions, reviewing tax statements, protesting over-assessed property values and attending informal tax hearings and appraisal review board meetings. o'connor has become a proven leader in the area of aggressive property tax reduction, pursuing every legal avenue to protest and lower your taxes:

even if your property is taxed for less than its market value, you could still be eligible for a property tax cut based on inequitable assessment compared to competing properties.

hire o'connor to appeal high property taxes. you pay nothing unless we save you money! may 31 is the deadline to protest most accounts.  if you filed your own protest in harris county, o'connor can still represent you at your hearing.

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call toll free: 1-877-4-taxcut or e-mail our property tax department.

top 11 reasons texas property owners do not appeal their property taxes

property tax myths
  • it doesn't make sense to appeal my property taxes if my property is assessed for less than market value.
    not true. using unequal appraisal, our property tax consultants can probably reduce your property taxes even if your assessed value is below market value. unequal appraisal compares the assessed value of your property to the assessed value of similar properties. o'connor is the market leader in developing and presenting unequal appraisal appeals. our property tax consultants use proprietary computer programs, banks of server computers and massive databases to search for assessment comparables which document a lower assessed value for your property. many, if not most, property tax appeals focus on unequal appraisal instead of market value.
  • protesting my property taxes probably will not be successful… why bother?
    o'connor & associates' property tax consultants reduced property taxes for 74% of harris county residential properties that we represented and 69% of harris county commercial properties that we represented in 2009.
  • isn't it risky to appeal? what is the downside?
    the value cannot be increased at the informal hearing, where most accounts are settled. the assessed value rarely increases at the arb.
  • the appraisal district will retaliate if i protest.
    no. we filed over 164,000 appeals in 2009.
  • i don't have time to appeal!
    just call o'connor. after a three-minute phone call, our property tax consultants and support staff will handle your appeal.

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